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Moving CEO Inner Circle (Annual) - $3497/yr

YES! This is the advanced training, implementation plan, accountability, and monthly coaching you've needed to stay focused, earn more, and build your moving business faster!
As a Moving CEO Inner Circle Member, you receive:
  • Customized Training Roadmap - Based on your personalized business assessment, we will customize a training roadmap specifically for your company! You will receive ONE action step plan each week that will help you grow your business and gain freedom faster!

  • Monthly "Hot Seat" Consultations - Every month, Louis will invite Inner Circle members to a LIVE video conference where you'll talk to Louis personally and even share your screen as he looks at the inner workings of your business and helps you achieve your next big breakthrough! 

  • ​Monthly Live Training and Coaching with Louis - Every month, Louis takes what's working best for his clients' businesses and his own... and teaches that strategy in a separate LIVE video conference. During these conferences, you'll have the opportunity to ask Louis questions as well as network and share ideas with other members! 

  • ​Fast-Track Training - There will be times where you have a specific problem in your business you need to know how to handle it. Or an opportunity for growth that you want to make sure you're following best practices. With the Fast Track, you'll search for the specific situation and be guided to a specific video or worksheet on how to handle it fast!

  • ​The Moving CEO Tool Box - You'll receive access to all of the tools and resources Louis used in his companies. Everything from sales scripts, process templates, marketing ROI report, financial forecast spreadsheet, mover hiring guide, sales training curriculum, email templates, and about 40 other priceless documents! Plus a list of 3rd party tools Louis used in his business!

  • Monthly Member Newsletter - Every month you'll receive The Inner Circle Member Newsletter shipped directly to your home or office. Each newsletter will break down what to be focused on NOW. You'll get simple action steps to keep you focused and on top of your game directly from Louis!

  • The Moving CEO Network - A private Moving CEO Community where you can all meet online, cheer each other on, and help each other out. 

  • BONUS #1: Moving Sales Academy  - Mastery-level training on how to build a "sales machine" for your moving company. You'll learn the systems and processes that you must implement to ensure a consistent flow of high-paying moves (all year round). You'll also get the tools, resources, and step-by-step implementation training for you and your team! ($2,997 Value)

  • ​BONUS #2: Moving CEO Blueprint - Advanced-level training on how to build a "model moving business", remove yourself from the day-to-day, step up as the CEO, and then scale. You'll learn how to build systems and processes, delegate, run your business off of numbers, manage your time to work on what matters, open new locations, and more! This is the Blueprint to become a Moving CEO! ($2,997 Value)

  • ​BONUS #3: Movers Marketing Accelerator - In-depth training on how to generate a consistent flow of quality and profitable leads and phone calls. You'll learn how to manage your marketing (even if you're not a "marketer"), which lead sources you should implement based on your size of business, how to build a referral program, and more. It's EVERYTHING you need to know about marketing for your moving company! ($997 Value)

  • BONUS #4: The Moving CEO Roadmap Course - You'll learn the Roadmap to reach the next level with The Moving CEO GPS, The Profit Wheel, The Systems Stairway, The Freedom Formula, and how to Scale The Model! ($997 Value) 

  • ​BONUS #5: Moving Operations Training - 5-part operations crash course! Perfect for beginners to learn how to hire movers, dispatch crews, perform the perfect move, set up storage and provide excellent customer service. ($497 Value)

  • ​BONUS #6: Two Tuition-Free Tickets to Moving Mastery Summit - This is our 3-day live seminar where Louis and other industry experts and leaders break down current industry best practices. This is an amazing opportunity to meet and network with follow Moving CEOs and industry leaders. Attendance is optional. If you attend, you'll register separately and pay only $97 for your registration and materials. ($994 Value)

  • ​Special Bonus Offer! Optional 30-Day Free Trial of SmartMoving - Signup now and you'll get an Optional 30-Day Free Trial of SmartMoving, the moving industry’s most optimized CRM software to run your entire moving business. Moving CEO Inner Circle members will be sent a link to claim the free trial, which includes sales scripts, emails, and text messages created by Louis, worth over $5,000. If you stay after the trial, you will become a SmartMoving customer, charged monthly, and under their terms of service. We just get you the free trial since Louis is a co-founder and can include his scripts in this special offer.

  • ​Donation to Feeding America - When you sign up for The Inner Circle today we will donate 100 meals on your behalf to Feeding America to help fight hunger in the wake of the pandemic.

  • Money-Back Guarantee and Cancel Anytime - If within the first 30 days you feel the program is not for you, email us and receive a no questions asked full refund. After the first 30 days, you can cancel anytime before your subscription renews by emailing us. Our customer support team can be reached at [email protected]